About AAUW

Mission Statements

AAUW promotes equity for women and girls, through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.

AAUW of Oregon promotes advocacy, takes action to empower women and girls, and connects AAUW with branch members.

Vision Statement:  AAUW will be a powerful advocate and visible leader in equity and education through research, philanthropy, and measurable change in critical areas impacting the lives of women and girls.

Membership:  AAUW, founded in 1881, is open to all graduates who hold an associate or equivalent, a baccalaureate, or higher degree from a college or university on the AAUW list of qualified institutions.

AAUW Pendleton Branch

AAUW Pendleton Branch works to carry out the missions of AAUW of Oregon and national AAUW.

Our goals are to celebrate our work by focusing on visibility in our community and to work with other organizations in our community who have similar missions.

First Meeting of AAUW Pendleton Branch
October 5, 1930

General Branch Policies

The responsibilities of hostesses depends upon the branch meeting venue and menu. Most members are asked to serve at one social event a year.  Members who find they are unable to participate when assigned are responsible for their replacement for that date.  Those assigned to serve at the social event are responsible for contacting the others who have been assigned to plan the hospitality and refreshment needs for the event.

Annual dues are to be paid by July 1. The treasurer should be notified immediately of any change of address.

In Memoriam

We honor deceased members by donating a book reflecting their interests and our respect for their memory. The Pendleton Public Library has been the recipient of these gifts.

AAUW Funds: Since 1888 AAUW has awarded more than $80 million to more than 11,000 recipients through fellowships, grants and special awards; awarded $4.3 million in 2012–13.

Since 1990 AAUW has funded more than 20 research reports dealing with women’s issues in education and the workplace; most recent Graduating to a Pay Gap: The Earnings of Women and Men One Year after College Graduation.

The Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF), part of the AAUW Funds, works to challenge sex discrimination in higher education and the workplace. Resources range from community outreach programs to legal advice and backing of major cases.