STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

STEM 2017-2018
The Board approved up to $250 for two STEM projects this year: Girls in Science (Middle School girls to attend an EOU on October 28) and an EOU trip for High School girls. More details will follow.

STEM 2016-2017
Pendleton Branch supported the purchase of smaller-size welding equipment for Pendleton High School to make it easier for girls to participate in welding classes. More girls took welding classes than ever before. Marty Campbell was attending teacher for the welding program. The following photos show two of the girls in their new equipment.

STEM 2015-2016


Core Team Members:  Mollee Allen, Esmeralda Morelos, Chyenne Bronson, Yurendi Magana, Kimberly Pradia, Makenzie Noggle, and Alissa Smith

Here’s a photo sent by Coach Matthew Campbell. This is the core group of girls. They wanted an aerial photo and the weather finally cooperated. Here it is, taken by a drone!

“It’s been a great season so far.  The team has been needing a programmer (difficult to get), and finally recruited one last week.  Three other students started and had to leave the team due to sports, etc.  The core group of seven is a good team size though” said Coach Campbell.

Click on the link to read a write-up from STEM Liaison, Karen King.